Mana Kids - Newsletter September 2018

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the last day of summer.  The Autumnal Equinox, official start of fall is tomorrow! We are very excited to share upcoming events, enrollment information Fall 2018, and insights.

Events in September

Nature Walk Connecting Families with Young Children - Engaging, Mindful & Fun Play Outdoors

Cost: FREE

Age group: 2-5 yrs old

When: Sunday, September 30th 


Where: Holly Park in Bernal Heights, San Francisco

The intention for this free outdoor gathering is to connect with other friendly, fun, and caring families in our community. We'll use our time together to embrace the beauty of nature, honor children's curiosity to learn, and practice mindfulness. 3 spots remaining! RSVP to link below or email

Sign up Information Fall 2018

We are thrilled to announce the toddler Roots program is officially launching next week.The 10-week session begins on Tuesday, September 25th at Glen Park Canyon and Thursday, September 27 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM at McLaren Park. Our classes meets weekly on Tuesday's & Thursday's through Nov. 29th.

Ages 2-4| Weekly on Thursday | September 27 - November 29

9:30-11:30am | 10 week program | All-weather | Accompaniment of adult

Class details: 

Children (ages 2 to 4) with adult participation will learn basic concepts about nature in hands-on classes that encourage and celebrate natural curiosity! The classes focus on social emotional development because we truly value self-discovery, mindfulness (embracing the present moment), connection to community, and appreciation for the world. 

Our weekly gatherings include circle time, local plants, animals, crafts using natural resources, storytelling, snack time, and child-led nature walks. 

Every session is unique because it focuses on the season and brings awareness to the elements around us.

Insights on the Mana Kids Journey


  • The logo is done! The design captures so many elements of program. The petals represent number of chakras, the heart represents the power of love holding center, the color scheme was inspired by colors of a sunflower.The colors also represent earth, growth, sunrays, water, and sky. I used a vision board to gather inspiration.

  • I interviewed with Park and Recreation SF! It's a slow process but one step closer to teaching an outdoor program for toddlers at Glen Park, SF.

  • This week I completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at SF Zen Center with my husband! 

  • I signed up to become a volunteer to facilitate mindfulness to SFUSD TK-5th. 

The Mana Kids website is complete check it out and let me know if you have any feedback or advice. 



Many of us are hearing the buzz word, but what does it really mean? How can we lead by example?

  • Mindfulness is the practice of remembering. By remembering to be aware we are living in present moment not in the past or the future but now. Some people go all their lives not realizing they are acting unconsciously.

  • Pay attention to people, especially loved ones. Set boundaries with phone usage. i.e. What message are we sending to our loved ones when we are using phone while they talk?

  • Slow down and tune into body and senses. 

  • Step outside with your child what do you feel? What direction is the wind coming from? Is there moisture in the air? What do the cloud formations look like today? What sounds do you hear?

I'm grateful for all the time & energy you've spent supporting this cause & journey! 

Hugs & Love & Light - Erika