1st Newsletter - June 2018

I hope you've had a wonderful summer so far! I'm very excited to share the first monthly newsletter from Mana Kids LLC. The intention for this newsletter is to provide information to the community on upcoming events, and insights on my journey in creating an outdoor nature program.

These past few months I've been busy working with a career coach to help me build a program that aligns with my purpose in life. A couple of questions that continue to stick with me when I have feelings of doubt:

1.    In an ideal world where money is not a factor what would you do or be?

2.    Who would you spend it with?

3.    What does the environment look and feel like?

The answer remains the same, " I would spend my days outdoors, connecting children and families to each other, the community, and all life on this planet. The environment would feel playful, intentional, respectful, and resourceful using materials found in nature."


Officially filed Mana Kids LLC:

  • The meaning of the Polynesian word Mana: "positive energy" or "the life force and spirit that surrounds us."

Established Vision for Mana Kids:

  • We see a more peaceful and caring world, where children feel safe and empowered to trust in themselves and live more joyfully.


Time Management:

  • Many of us have a hard time balancing family life, career, relationships, personal development, and leisure. 

The questions below help me practice living with intention:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Does this decision align with who I am?"

I'm grateful for all the time & energy you've spent supporting this cause & journey! 

Source: June-2018-Newsletter