Mana Kids Newsletter - August 2018

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the last few weeks left of summer. We are very excited to share some updates on upcoming events, enrollment information Fall 2018, and insights on this journey of creating program.

Events in August

Nature Walk Connecting Families with Young Children - Engaging, Mindful & Fun Play Outdoors

Cost: FREE

Age group: 2-5 yrs old

When: Sunday, August 26th 9:30-11:30am

Where: Fort Funston, SF

San Francisco, CA 94132

The intention for this free outdoor gathering is to connect with other friendly, fun, and caring families in our community. We'll use our time together to embrace the beauty of nature, honor children's curiosity to learn, and practice mindfulness.

Only 4 spots remaining! RSVP to link below or email 

Sign up Information Fall 2018

The first class we are offering begins Tuesday, September 25th at Glen Canyon Park, SF. We intentionally chose this date because it lines up with the beginning of Fall. The Autumnal Equinox is Sunday, September 23. Please note the September Newsletter will provide link to sign up. Be one of the first seven to sign up for a discount, and you'll be recognized as the founding core students.

Class details: 

Children (ages 2 to 4) and their adult will learn basic concepts about nature in hands-on classes that encourage and celebrate natural curiosity! The classes focus on social emotional development because we truly value self-discovery, mindfulness (embracing the present moment), connection to community, and appreciation for the world. Our weekly gatherings include circle time, local plants, animals, crafts using natural resources, storytelling, snack time, and nature walks.

Ages 2-4| Tuesday |9:30-11:30am | September 25 - November 27

Glen Park Canyon, SF

10 week program | All-weather | Accompaniment of adult


The logo and website are nearly done! We can't wait to share final version next month we've been working closely with an artist to create a brand that truly reflects the soul of the program.

Established relationship with SF Park and Recreation. The ECE director is interested in creating an outdoor nature walk program and they're requesting a class name and description. 

Joined Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at SF Zen Center and will be infusing learnings in curriculum.


Self Care:

Many of us have a hard time making time for ourselves with so many commitments and things to do. 

The exercises below help me remember to fill my vessel, because one cannot give from an empty space:

Slow down & be present. Let go of thoughts to be somewhere or get something done.

Listen to guided meditation even if its just 5 minutes.

Move body, stretch, find flow.

Say three different things I'm thankful for everyday.